vs. Competition

How we compare to other Lead Generation Solutions

The Big Differences.

Here are the reasons we stand apart from the rest.

Better Data

We are the only company that publishes the results and accuracy of our algorithm on our website. We are also the only company that provides a complete profile of property owners including emails, phone numbers and social media links when available.

More Robust Platform

Our competition leverages only one channel for lead generation. Usually it is either Direct Mail or Online Advertising (via Google, Facebook). We provide multiple channels including email, phone, social media, online ads, digitally hand-written letters, direct mail, voice mail drops and mass txt messaging.

Active Lead Generation

Our competition relies on only mass marketing techniques like sending Direct Mail or Online Ads. Our approach is based on both prospecting and 1-to-1 personalized marketing. Generating seller leads requires more advanced techniques in order to convert into leads.


Our competition does not offer exclusive access to their products and services. Essentially, they sell the exact same data or keywords to your competition. There is no guarantees leads are not shared with other agents. Our product is 100% exclusive to you.

First Touch Campaign

Our offrs+ service performs the activity of an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) in order to generate leads and validate our Smart Data. No other company validates their data through outreach services.

First in the Door

Our active Smart Marketing ensures you are first in the door which gives you a 70% chance of winning the listing. Our competition lacks the active prospecting required to ensure first place position.

Competitive Comparison

Here is a breakdown of how we stand up to the Competition.
Feature SmartZip BoomTown, TigerLeads, BoldLeads etc.
Description predicts future listings and provides verified seller leads. SmartZip uses Smart Data to target homeowners with Direct Mail and Landing Page. Providers who leverage Google and other website ads to drive leads thru a landing page.
Cost Starts at $49/month for territory. $400-$1000 for Non-Exclusive License and 8-10 Direct Mail $550-$800 for Services. $250-$1000+ for Ads (Google, etc).
Smart Data Provides both Smart Data (algorithm leveraging predictive analytics) and Verifies Data using phone, email and online ad survey campaign. Leverages Smart Data (predictive analytics) to improve direct mail. No validation or verification. No Smart Data. Leverages Search Engine Marketing to drive leads.
Homeowner Information and Data Provides contact information for homeowners including mailing address, phone, email, social media and survey information from first touch campaign. Provides only mailing address. No Data.
CRM / Lead Management Platform Target, Lead and Sphere Management. Lead and Sphere Management. Lead Management.
Smart Data & Lead Verification Surveys homeowners to verify Smart Data and generate Leads. No Data or Lead Verification. No Data or Lead Verification.
Data Enhancement Data Enhancement for Sphere Module Not Available. Not Available.
Outreach / ISA Constantly surveys homeowners to verify data and identify leads. Not Available. Not Available.
Direct Mail Provides Data, but Agents are required to send through their provider. Sends Direct Mail on behalf of agent. Not Available.
Email Marketing Yes, for both Targets and Sphere. Not Available. Not Available.
Phone Marketing Yes, for both Targets and Sphere. Works with 3rd Party to provide Phone Numbers. Not Available.
Social Media Marketing Yes, for both Targets and Sphere. Not Available. Not Available.
Mass Voice Mail Campaign Yes, for Sphere. Not Available. Not Available.
Mass TXT Campaign Yes, for Sphere. Not Available. Not Available.
Landing Page / Home Value Reports Unlimited / Customer Landing Pages with dynamic reports. Landing Page with no Dynamic Reports. Unlimited Landing Pages with limited Reports.
Online Ads Manages Online Ads for Google and Facebook leveraging Smart Data. Manages Online Ads for Google and Facebook leveraging Smart Data Manages Online Ads leverages keywords and GeoTargeting.