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Nearly everyone has heard of offrs' award-winning real estate lead generation services by now. If you haven't we'll invite you to explore what it is that we do towards the end of this article. Hey, doesn't hurt to at least know what it is that's possible out there, right? But if you're like most industry pros and you're at least familiar with offrs lead generation for real estate, then you know that we help generate listing leads for agents across the country. And as the top real estate lead generator in the market, we have committed ourselves to push the boundary on all fronts and to provide continued cutting-edge lead data services.

For this article, we're not going to focus on the how, rather the what (as in what we need from you in order to maximize your real estate lead generation results - your ROI). However, if you are interested in knowing how we arrive at our results, we encourage you to read more about our processes as well as how we helped develop real estate predictive analytics as a solution within our industry! Instead, for the purposes of this read, we're going dive into what we need from you in order to arrive at a solid ROI from the data, data cleansing, data sorting, data scoring and data routing services that we provide to you and/or your team (all under one product roof, but also as separate tiered services to make implementing our real estate seller leads as easy and affordable as possible.

Lead Conversion Is All About Timing

As mentioned above, offrs lead generation for real estate agents is more than just raw data, it's multiple tiers of processes that all work to deliver the right lead for you at the right time. But knowing when (during that multi-stage data processing timeline) to latch on and take over the manual process of converting the lead for your needs is the key to maximizing your profit from all available leads. This isn't unlike industrial farming techniques deployed daily by actual farmers out there in that you have to know when the optimal time has come for any given crop you're cultivating. Pick the crop (in this case your lead) too early and they might not be fully primed for conversion. But pick them too late and your crop will be taken by nature (in this case your competition). It's all about timing. offrs is more than a data provider, we have actually automated much of your lead conversion process. As listed above:

  • We pool raw data from top-tier data providers (over 20 of them at any given time)

  • We cleanse this data by comparing results across the data providers (looking for anomalies that could waste your time)

  • We sort the now-cleansed data by conversion stage (what type of lead they are and how best to approach them based on this factor)

  • We score these leads and help you prioritize which ones you may want to focus in on depending on how hot or convertible they are)

  • We route the leads based on certain criteria you've set for yourself and/or your team (to help save you time, money and resources)

But we also provide all of these services at an affordable rate (and within an affordable structure) for our agents. In fact, we've optimized our data services to help maintain a healthy data-distribution ecosystem within the industry (because our success depends on your success too)! With all of these data processes in place, we've taken a good amount of work of your team's hands and now is the time to leverage that gain in time, money and resources. How? By delivering your brand's personal touch. You see, what's missing in all of these services (and intentionally so) is your brand. In fact, we've designed our data products and services to orbit your brand... because ultimately, it is your brand that the leads will be dealing with (from start to close). How does this work? We'll show you...

When To Harvest Your Crop

As we briefly mentioned above, lead conversion is about timing and with offrs' multi-staged lead generation for real estate agents, you have several points at which you can latch on and extract ideal leads for you and/or your team to manually convert. now, all of this sounds cold and lifeless, but when you're processing leads, a certain amount of objective criticism is not only healthy but required in order to assure that you are (again) maximizing your ROI from the whole endeavor. In short, it sounds inhuman, but that's the whole point... you are the human element that's missing in this process and everything leading up to now (whether finding, sorting or highlighting the data) has all lead up to this point... to you and your brand. This is the hand-off (if you will). At any point in the automated lead generation process, you can jump in and shake their hand in person. It's designed that way.

In fact, without you, the whole machine is rather pointless. It is, after all, a relationship business. The end result of the offrs lead generation solution is a prioritized list for you to connect with. So the bad news for agents that thought that offrs would be an oil-soaked automated homeowner listing machine is that it's not. It's a processing engine that sorts raw data and outputs solid real estate leads. The good news is, for those agents that are looking to significantly cut time, money and resources being spent on inbound leads... we were designed and we were built for this. We're time-tested and proven. In fact, we just celebrated our 5th year of existence and we're proud of the fact that we've continued to deliver an over 70% national average prediction rate for homes listing up to 12 months in advance!

Jumping In Taking Over

With all this said above, it's easy to see that we're not only okay with you and/or your team jumping in and taking over (manually reaching out to convert your lead), we encourage it! Of course, we encourage you doing it the right way. So what is the right way to plug in at a certain point in the lead conversion process? Well, there's no single answer (other than to reference our multiple resources on the matter). Every lead needs a unique review of their needs, but as mentioned above, we work to sort out how best to convert each lead. And on the backside of that coin, we've also created resources for you and/or your team to review - best practices we've collected from the top-performing agents nation-wide. In fact, we've written an eBook on the topic of real estate lead conversion scripts, tips and templates (don't worry, it's a big book, but mostly because of the countless scripts, tips and outreach templates it contains).

The Next Thing We Need From You

The next thing that we need from you is to act on these seller leads. You'd be surprised how many people sign up for exclusive lead generation only to have the same real estate lead generation companies watch the lead whither and die (aka get picked up by another, more-proactive agent working the same area on their own). This is an important note... while offrs does provide exclusive real estate lead generation services, we can't prohibit organic competition. That is, we provide our real estate agent leads exclusively to you (if you've purchased an exclusive data access plan from us). But if another agent is running circles around your team's lead response rate, then there's nothing we can do to keep them out and off your turf.

This is why it's so important that you respond to your real estate listing leads in a timely fashion. And really, not just for our sake. Naturally, we're committed to helping you succeed, but in general, it's a better experience for your future clientele if you're able to respond to them in a timely fashion (even if they don't yet know you're out there monitoring their needs at any given point). That's the joy of predictive analytics... it can help you be a first responder when it comes to homeowner needs and concerns with what might just be the most financially-significant transaction they'll make. But if you're sitting on leads, waiting for them to find you, then you're working them wrong. Of course, if you're an offrs agent, you can reach out to our training staff and jump on to a free training session.

The Last (And Most Important) thing We Need From You

So this is likely the most important thing we can ask of you... to join us on this adventure. Nation-wide homeowner data, predictive analytics, lead scoring, lead conversion strategies, real estate lead generation websites, real estate agent leads... what good is any of this (to you) if you haven't first reached out to someone on our team and reviewed what offrs is, what it isn't and how it might interface with what you're doing on your end? There's always a good time to explore your options and that time is right now. There's no obligation to test-drive our solution. Just ask one of our lead generation strategists to walk you through the backend platform and lead conversion results. It's that simple. How often do your clients ask of you to demonstrate how you're different than other service providers? Well, we welcome that question. We just need to start the conversation! Let us show you what we can do for your business!

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