Predictive Analytics driven Smart Data

Our ability to predict future listings
has helped position our customers first in the door.

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How do we Predict Future Listings?

Our process is what makes us unique and able to deliver high accuracy.

Big Data

We license property, MLS and consumer data from top tier providers in order to process our algorithm.


Our Algorithm

We identified over 70% of the listings in the United States in the past 12 months as high-scoring properties for our customers.


We Verify

We launch survey campaigns to pre-verify our algorithm results and we also match against both MLS and recent sales data to validate accuracy.

Our Smart Data

We score every property using our proprietary algorithm.

Predictive Analytics is one of the most powerful tools in understanding how to generate more sales. Knowing who to target not only gives you a competitive advantage but also the necessary information you need to successfully generate leads.

Our Data Science team processes data we get from over twenty different sources including property records, tax records, consumer databases, credit agencies and online websites. We process over 300 data points using our proprietary algorithm to determine which properties are more likely to sell in the next year.

In order to verify our algorithm's accuracy we measure our success each month when we download the recent sales transactions from the property records. We look at how we scored each property which sold and publish our accuracy on our website.

We verify our Data

We are the only company in the market that verifies our data.

Smart Data is a critical piece of our process, but it is just the beginning. In order to provide a complete solution to our customers we survey our customer's territories in order to verify our predictive scoring and also identify any homeowners who are looking to sell their property.

Surveying high-scoring properties is what sets us apart, and ensures we can provide our customers real value and verified leads.

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