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You've heard us talk a lot about timing as a major component of our lead generation for real estate. You've also heard us go over why this is an important factor in the creation and/or identification of top-quality seller leads, but we wanted to get more into the impact this has on a team environment. After all, a bucket of leads emptied out on the floor each morning isn't exactly a systematic approach to anything. In a team environment, an organized, prioritized and properly-routed list of homeowner listing leads is about as gold as you can get short of closes themselves. And this, as the top real estate lead generator in the market, is what we help you get a hold of. Because if you think offrs only provides lead generation for real estate agents, then there's a lot more to offrs that you may not be taking full advantage of. Let's dive into offrs products and services and see how they can be used optimally by teams.

Synergy In Lead Generation

It's obvious that two people have more than twice the impact on a business's operational output. There's a synergy that can happen between the two that far out-paces the output of the two individually. However, there are no guarantees that that synergy will spark a fire. In fact, if you're not putting the right tools in place at the right time, you're likely going to slow the output capacity to a crawl. Why? Well, the systems and tools needed for an optimized team framework also require a base level of coordination and communication. Not just at the start, but all throughout the processes. And without solid coordination or even a willingness to coordinate, all you have is added levels of bureaucracy. In short, if you're throwing team tools into the mix, but haven't properly prepared your new team to best employ them, then there are no promises of synergistic output (rather a likely decrease in productivity).

Training For Success

With this all in mind, the offrs team places significant weight on knowing your tools of the trade. With real estate lead generation websites, for instance, you'll want to know how they passively work around the clock, collecting, comparing and stacking real estate leads for near-immediate routing for your team. But, while your Smart Site is fairly quick to set up if you don't have your team lead routing configurations set, then the leads are going to default to you as the primary account holder. Of course, you can find out about Smart Sites, real estate predictive analytics, team routing tools and much more via any one of our training resources. We won't go into detail about these resources here, but if you're not sure what we're discussing, please contact your offrs representative today and see about signing up for our free, online best practices training sessions and our Playbook. These will start you off in the right direction!

Lead Gen & Communication

To help assure that you're maximizing the ROI across any of your offrs real estate lead generation services, it'll be important to build a system of communication across all of your team members and, of course, to put it to use. But, while somewhat commonplace these days, not everyone has access to team sales & marketing platforms. If you don't have a CRM (an internet-based "Customer Relationship Management" solution) or if you have a CRM already but aren't satisfied with it for any reason, then offrs does provide a rudimentary CRM to help you manage your real estate leads data and communication around that data. While we recommend that you take advantage of your team's existing lead management tools, ours can help those that don't have access to one or who are looking for an alternative to the tools they already have. It's just another one more way we stand out and above smaller real estate lead generation companies!

Creating A Successful Hand-Off Policy

Tools and training aside, let's look at one common practice that some of the top-performing real estate lead generation conversion pros put into effect on their end... a clear and present hand-off policy. To say that everyone in your office shares the same exact skillset would be a statement that you don't likely know your team's full capabilities. Humans are unique on so many levels and the same is true for agents. Some are hard closers, others soft closers. Some excel at customer care and others are probably best left in the office handling real estate contracts. The top-performing lead conversion teams using our platform all have a clear hand-off/sign-off procedure in place. In short, this means that they're utilizing their selected CRM's team management tools to identify and minimize gaps as a lead travels along the lead conversion timeline. It doesn't so much matter what you do, as long as you're actually doing it.

Ownership Of Leads

As an extension of implementing a team hand-off procedure, a well-oiled conversion machine taking in real estate listing leads and outputting happy, referring clients requires every team member to own each lead as they come into their hands. One of the bottlenecks we see in single-agent real estate lead generation is lack of response when an incoming lead hits their inbox. But on the team side of the equation, immediate, inbound lead response time is pretty good... the problem arises once again at individuals later in the process. A lot of the confusion in automated systems are outlier situations (circumstances around the lead that fall outside of a clear-cut definition that would allow for the lead to pass on to the next stage of conversion. For this reason, we recommend that newly formed teams or teams that are just now driving offrs real estate seller leads through their dashboard also explore create clear SOP documentation.

Lead Conversion SOP Documentation

SOPs ("Standard Operational Procedures" documentation) is really anything you want or need it to be. While it's not too common, inherently well-coordinated teams that just "get" one another without the need for training or SOP documentation do exist out there and if you're one of these amazing few, you may not want to bother with adding any additional red tape. But... for the rest of the human race, check out our lead engagement eBook (a pdf that'll help you in approaching and converting lead opportunities) and keep a keen eye on the tips around various channels of engagement, looking for how a well-coordinated team might integrate these best practices. in this way, you can not only employ the best lead generation technology, but you can also establish, early on, the foundation and framework of a well-coordinated lead conversion team using the latest best practices in homeowner engagement and conversion.

Taking Action On Opportunities

So, above, we mentioned that the most common mistake we see is agents acting slowly upon real estate agent leads or not acting on them at all. You'd think that having access to the best lead generation for real estate and seeing inbound leads pour in would motivate the agents that are exclusively licensing that business intelligence, but unfortunately, that's not always the case. However, before you judge these folks too harshly, remember that we're all doing the best we can out there and that this technology is relatively new (ish). But also remember that you too are also now aware and you're now presented with the same opportunity. The question now is... will you act upon what you've learned. If you have an agent team, are thinking of assembling an agent team (or even if you're a solo act), it would benefit you to explore the lead conversion tools available at your disposal with most offrs accounts. Give us a call... we're here for you! =)

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