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What Are Real Estate Lead Generation Services?

If you know the answer, you're one step further on the path towards a sustainable, long-term business. If not, well... then the good news is that your life is about to get a whole lot easier. For the last several years, real estate lead generation services have changed the way small-to-medium-sized businesses grow their business (when it comes to inbound seller leads). Note that buyer leads have been relatively easy to get a hold of to date (after all, they come to you), but with the introduction of offrs real estate predictive analytics services, off-market, real estate listing leads have become a regular possibility. And over the past five years, as offrs has perfected real estate lead generation, the cost of lead generation for real estate agents has gone down significantly (while new data licensing options have grown in number). What does this mean for the everyday agent? Well first, listing leads are no longer rare and second, they're no longer cost-prohibitive. Let's explore what this means in more detail...

What Is offrs & How Do We Do Lead Gen?

As described above, in 2013, offrs pioneered the use of predictive analytics in real estate, up-ending real estate leads to now include seller leads (not just buyer leads). It might have been enough to stay in this space, but as the industry's leading innovator among all real estate lead generation companies, we pressed on, innovating every area of lead generation for real estate. This helped foster our position that lead generation and lead conversion are both integral and inseparable components of an agent's overall lead strategy. It's simple, really... one does not work without the other. With this in mind, we have built a collection of tools and services aimed at monetizing data, but doing so within the framework of your SMB operations. What does this all mean? It means, that while offrs is a data company, we keep a keen eye on the ROI you can extract from our data... because the magic really happens between the raw, real-world data and the solid growth-potential of real estate agent leads. That's how we approach lead gen: from start... to finish.

Why Is This Approach So Important

If you've watched the birth and saturation of data providers, you'll see that few engineers understand the pressure of measurable ROI for the marketers paying for it. offrs, while primarily a frontline data source has our roots in SMB culture. We know, first-hand, what it is to truly depend on the information you're getting from the field and from around the bend (ahead of your encroaching competitors). Every day, the market becomes more populated by those that are, in most cases, as hungry as you are. In this environment, where you and these newcomers all share or crossover in core competency, the advantages will be hammered out in who is making the best (or at least more fruitful) decisions. So, to sum it up... not all data is the same. This is most evident in our predictive scoring technology which will prioritize the list of homeowners in your licensed data territory. But this is also evident in how we compare our data providers' raw data against one-another (in order to assure that the information we're getting is the best possible data on the market). In short... being marketers ourselves and consumers of data ourselves, we know how important it is to be right (ahead of the competitive curve).

What Is A Frontline Data Source?

Well, remember that, as a species, we are all very fickle and that no single snapshot of a homeowner could ever compare to a series of snapshots taken over time and from different points of view. In the lineup of data processing (sourcing raw data from real-world and digital actions, comparing that raw data against other raw data, predicting based on similar actions or activities overtime and ultimately cleaning and presenting the data in any useful way), offrs actually provides many of these processes all in one service. Keep in mind that this is a rarity in itself. Usually, you'll purchase raw data and get it in the form of a spool of labels or as a CSV spreadsheet. But you discover almost immediately how outdated the data was even before you purchased it. In this way, offrs' data license subscription plans help assure that your budding relationship over time with the homeowners in your territory remain as accurate as possible. How? Well, we source our data from several top-teir data providers, we cross-check their data, score them for reliability and we update our data every few weeks. We then score the leads, randomly verify the lead data quality as well as prediction efficacy. This is the difference between a data provider and a frontline data source. We're frontline because we've got the whole horizon covered and we're immediately accessible to you.

How Do I Integrate offrs Into My Business?

Frankly, the best move forward right now is for you to simply contact one of our lead generation real estate specialists and tell them about your business. They'll work with you and show you how the latest real estate lead generation websites work around the clock to generate real estate seller leads for you and your team. They can review how offrs has dominated the lead generation market to become the top real estate lead generator and what this could mean for your bottom line going forward. When it comes to lead generation for real estate agents, we've got you covered, but our exclusive or non-exclusive data access packages can only be accessed if we connect with one another. So try it out for free right now online. Watch a demo and kick the tires... see if offrs is right for you right now. Connect with one of our lead generation strategists today and get the ball rolling!

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